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dark middle chapter

So dark middle chapter (dark middy) is my bedroom screamo solo project. Started in earnest in 2020, '...the way this all turned out' is the project's first full release. Characterized by short bursts of guitar noise and screaming, this is where I first started to really see myself in my art.

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The World in Broken Glass

The World in Broken Glass is a three-piece screamo band started in March of 2022. I play bass, and make assorted noises with my little suitcase of pedals and cords. Our first release came out November 2022, I think it's a real fun blend of screamo and metalcore influences. We'll start playing live in 2023, watch this space.

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DSZY is the solo jungle project that began while recovering from an injury that stopped me from being able to play guitar. Instead, I found solace in 184 bpm and silly chopped breaks. All of my electronic material is available on my Soundcloud. My debut LP was released 01/07/23.


fun.2 is the collaborative noise project between myself and my creative partner Lily. Focusing on live performance and improvisation, fun.2 tries to find the perfect balance between noise and dance, desolation and goofiness. The first live show was at the Riot Room Bloomington, the birthplace of my DIY journey.